Monthly Package + New Page

Monthly Package + New Page

Creating more web pages is one way to increase your search engine optimization. There are correct and incorrect way doing this but guaranteed we know how to do it right!

One Subject

We highly recommend your new page focuses on one keyword. If you try to put too much on one page it starts to get clutterred and search engines have moredifficulty examining the main subject.

Meaningless Content

Putting in repetitive information over and over again doesn't help. The 200 keywords page days are over, search engines aren't old!

Quick Details

Update texts, pictures, videos, google contact form

Page Linking

We make sure all your pages are linked appropriately to each other, never lost and always grouped and organized.

Short Pages vs Long Pages

We always recommend one subject to a page. Keeping is short not only helps your readers but search engines too.

No Tricks on Search Engines

Trying to trick search engines will penalize you and knock you down rankings if you try to perceive your visitors. Something we don't do!

We recommend fresh new content every month, that's why we recommend making a new page monthly!